Is board exams for grade 10 and 12 be continued in nep 2020 ?

In the mind of  student’s parent one question is doing round that Will the board exams for grade 10 and 12 be continued in nep 2020 or not ? also people were more curious about queries like is 10th board exams are postponed ?

board exams for grade 10 and 12 in nep 2020
board exams for grade 10 and 12 in nep 2020

Board Exams For Grade 10 and 12

To understand this issue first we have to go through what has been changed and how it can affect Board Examination in India? How grading in education play vital role for the students? How Test – Assessment system will work in real time?

The biggest change in the new education policy 2020 NEP is Vacation education. Such type of education was maintaining a low profile in older education system. But nowadays such type of courses is the need of the hour.

According to latest study and research reform was required in Indian education system because people are paying a lot of money in the form of fees but the outcome of such education is negligible. Students just following routine courses and other loopholes like releasing exam dates and not getting placement in sarkari naukris.

So What will be the Changes in board exams for grade 10 and 12 ?

Still this confusion is doing round everywhere but after reading the new education policy we have some meaningful information. NEP 2020 is not going to shut the door for board exams of 10th and 12th class. They will held but student wont find it much difficult than earlier.

New Exam system will come into existence and there will be a viable models of board examination in which such type of exams like

  1. Annual board exams
  2. Semester board exams
  3. Modular exams for 10th and 12th board

New Exam System according to NEP2020

So the major changes will happen with subject like mathematics and science. New exam system in nep 2020 will have two type of question papers for math and science as students have to attend objective type and descriptive type.

Download New Education Policy PDF from here and in case of any doubt or any other information, kindly contact us and comment or fill form.

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