How Corona is destroying Education System Everywhere

While discussing how Corona is destroying Education System? We have to look back as we notice Since more than one and half year back entire world is suffering from corona and education industry is also legging. Educational institutions like schools collages, and coaching center all are closed due to covid-19.

We have pointed out some major issues which are going to happen in india and we doubt they can make big. as there is no sign of corona era to get over. These 5 points will tell you the major things which are going to get major setback due to corona.

How Corona is destroying Education System in india..

As we know indian govt has introduced new education policy  on date 29 July 2020. by which govt showed a road map for future of education in india Via NEP Read the PDF of latest education policy. Due to covid 19 there is lots of thing which has not happened as students are not coming to schools.

Private school Fees issues

Private schools has also had major setback but they somehow got the major loopholes of governance and they have enjoyed a lot. There was too little discount for the guardians. They did not released the marksheets and results of many students.

Due to competition in the market many schools gave admission to student without transfer certificates. Due to this lacuna many parents did not paid the feed to schools and took admission in other schools.

Online education and its drawbacks

While mobile apps for online classes like zoom, google meet, Microsoft meetings and cisco WebEx emerged and gained so much popularity. But still there are teachers which do not came from technical background are not familiar with such latest teaching methods.

Behavior of children

Students and children got their easiest access of mobile phone of parents and took its advantages to play online games. Children also had issues like Irritability, addiction of mobile, late night sleeping habits and many more.

Unemployment issues is also a big concern

While youth which were eligible for sarkari jobs in india also downgrade their skills without going to collages and universities and without offline classes and coaching they missed the expensive time in this era.

Quality of education has been reduced

Somehow govt came with solution for examination they mostly promoted major classes but the board exams also did not took places and results were announced with average system. With the help of internal marks and purely schools input students got more than 90% marks very easily.

By producing such results the quality of education has been reduced and in the further years this will produce many poor results in written examinations.

So these were the 5 point from which we can understand how Corona is destroying Education System and students future will also feel its pain.

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