Editorial Policy

Sarkari-Exams-Results.com’s unflinching and non-negotiable commitment to reporting the coverage related to sarkari exams and results without any filters or allegiance will always be the core of what we stand for and do. It has led in the past to boycotts and threats from student’s organizations which had no impact on our type of reporting in favor of students and unemployed youth of india – nor will they.

Job posting are also part of space on our news portal based on their relevance and newsworthiness in a continuum of developments at regular basis. Few job alerts data we may cut which are also part of official announcement. This is standard procedure and only useful information will be posted on our portal.

We will report the official jobs results answer keys and other stuff related to students of schools, collages and universities with verified source link which will be found to be news-worthy.

This is our policy for matters of student’s career as well as for the daily topics related to education industry. Each article and posted via various category that we report on is subject to the same criteria. Mostly We were, are and will covering LIVE jobs after we have independently verified the facts.

At a time when anything goes as far as the news is concerned, it is gratifying that Sarkari-Exams-Results.com’s standards have impelled a debate among and outside news organisations.