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Get complete details to fill samagra shiksha Pragati Prativedan Form in Hindi

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You can read out the main features of Holistic Report Card in hindi Download pdf by reading the complete article. Just go one by one line and read it till the end.

What is there in Holistic Report Card 2022 ?

All contents of this Holistic Report Card form is written in Hindi and yoy may check the video to fill out the Holistic Report Card in hindi Download pdf. So that you may come to know how to fill the form and submit link for samagra Pragati aavedan form 2022.

Get all small to big details and necessary information of this form

This overall progress report has been given to the student as a progress paper at the end of the session.

. The report has been prepared on the basis of the overall record of students maintained in the school. In the summative estimates, grades A, B or C are given for the level of learning achievement.

Grading format in Holistic Report Card

There are three main elements in this format which can be read in ABC style for easy understandings.

A = being able to work independently or have the required level of understanding/ have efficiency
B = being able to work with the help of a teacher or a middle-level understanding/ understanding. have efficiency
C = being able to work with the special help of the teacher or understanding of the initial level/ have efficiency

Rest things to be filled carefully in Holistic Report Card in hindi Download pdf

In all the subjects, a column of class level and grade has been given under the summative assessment. In the class level column, the student has given the class level concepts/concepts during the term. The competencies/skills have been worked out, that class level has been marked.

In the assessment of art-education, in place of the grade is recorded as grade A, B or C according to the position of the student in the particular area.

Final words on Holistic Report Card in hindi Download pdf

The consolidated note mentions the achievement of the student on the end of the semester in the relevant subject/field and the progress made by him/ her. At the same time, there is a special feedback recorded as much as possible in the context of the particular student.

More than 70 per cent attendance is considered regular, 50 to 70 per cent attendance-moderate condition, less than 50 per cent attendance is considered irregular. The status of use of the library is recorded as grades A, B, C and D.

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