Under Stand Complete RAJRMSA SHALA DARPAN in 5 Min

All services of RAJRMSA SHALA DARPAN are very easy to understand. The flow of education department has been converted into various web services. The outcome of this development is called as Shala Darpan.

Shala Darpan Video

RajRMSA Shala Darpan Introduction

Facilities at RAJRMSA Shala Darpan

राजकीय कैलेंडर Rajkeey Calender in Hindi are available in Arpil 21 and May 2021 to December month of current year. Other than this you can download monthly magazine of Shala Darpan which is called as Shivira Patrika.

मासिक शिविरा पत्रिका can be get after subscribe by paying a certain amount. Otherwise you can Download this Latest Shivira Patrika pdf.

School Login ID Search

All school has a separate login id and you should remember it. If you are new to this, no issue you can Search Schools on Shala Darpan. It will ask you to choose district to block after than School list will be displayed. After selecting school you will get your school id.

Search Schools on Shala Darpan

You can take printout of all Govt schools in Rajasthan. You will get block by block data. Other details like address contact no. Staff details, strength of school, facilities at school will also displayed to you if you have correct credentials.

Difference Between Shala Darshan and Shala Darpan ?

Earlier the website of shala darshan was http://rajssa.nic.in was managed by RCEE. Whereas RCSE was running RajRMSA website. Before some time these both site has been closed and all services has moved into SMSA समग्र शिक्षा अभियान.

Nowadays Rajasthan Council Of Elementary Education is being operated at following address. Any one can visit this location
Rajasthan Council Of Elementary Education
No 5, Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302017

How Staff Login is possible on shala darpan


Open Rashtriy Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan Page Select your district and then block and finally choose Your school.

Proceed Like this as we took Bundi For example

For example we selected bundi district. We got option to choose Hindoli/Bundi/K. Patan/Naina/Talera. We choose Hindoli then we got 27 schools with their school codes.

What to do after choosing school ?

You will get your login id in case you dont know you can use this now. There is also शाला दर्पण पर OTP (Message) की सुविधा available.

Dedicated Staff Window

What is integrated Shala Darpan ?

This is an integrated service of rajasthan govt Where all types of facility and operation of education department has been provided at websites.
Every person has different type of roles and authorization. So SOD segregation of duties has been clubbed as per New education Policy 2020.

What is rajrmsa ?

This is short form of Rajasthan Rashtreety Madhyamik Siksha Abhiyaan. It has a website and administered by School Education Department.

How to use shaala darpan for kvs ?

Kendriya vidyalay Samiti has also a separate fan club!! My bad There is a KVS shala Darpan Website for ce

Provisions for sanskrit school ?

Yes there are special link for ShalaDarpan Sanskrit. There are 1753 sanskirt schools 7315 sanskrit staff and 133989 no of Students.

How to get govt school list on shaladrapan ?

You can open Rajasthan director for choosing government school list.

What is sso login id on KVS ShalaDarpan ?

There are provision of sso login which denotes single sign on process. This is a single login for multiple services. Sso login nisd is a very good example of SSO Login id

Important Links at Shala Darpan 2021

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