Facilities For Candidates of Reet 2021 Exams Rajasthan Govt Set an Example

This Reet 2021 Exam is conducted By Ashok Gehlot led Rajasthan Government is setting an example. Facilities for candidates are pouring. Many types of social Groups and Educational Institutions are arranging Mega Foods and Stay Program for incoming guests.

The state govt has announced candidates With free travel in roadways buses. Also there will be plenty of private buses has been arranged to the candidates via Free travel arrangements programs for Reet 2021 Exams.

Steps taken by Rajasthan for Reet 2021 Exams

The state Government employee involved in passing copy of Reet 2021 PDF, Reet Paper leak or any illegal activity related to Reet 2021 examination will be directly dismissed from this tenure. If employee of Private educational institutions (coaching center or working staff of Reet exam center 2021) get caught in such activity, strict action will be taken.

Recognition of such institute will be cancelled permanently. and concerned person will face serious charges and Legal action will be taken.

CCTV Camera installation at Exam center of Reet 2021 Exams

Schools colleges and nursing collages which are declared as a exam center of Reet in Jodhpur will be monitored. Many CCTV cameras are going to be installed at Reer Examination centres in Jaipur and other districts. The DVR will be connected to internet and recording will be saved on cloud for better monitoring.

Printing Press of REET 2021 Exams

The official printing press which is going to print the Reet 2021 Question papers is also on radar of State Govt. No person is permitted to use mobile phone in press. Also the team which is carrying papers from printing press to the examination center can not use mobile device at the time of their duty.

Videography will be taken for the entire process from carrying reet question paper printing press of the exam paper to the candidate.

Free Mask for Reet 2021 Exams Candidates

The exam center will provide you a Free Mask as it could be a source for cheating, hiding Bluetooth devices for question papers. So Simple but efficient Masks will be given to all the candidates at the examination centers.

Reet 2021 Exams preparation by Rajasthan govt
Reet 2021 Exams preparation by state govt

Agencies of State Govt to Control illegal activities for Reet Exam 2021

Intelligence agencies like SOG, Rajasthan Police DOP, ACB and other department of police will also tightens its grip on the suspects who are involved in illegal activities regarding the paper of REET. We have seen many people are nabbed for doing such things.

Temporary Bus Stands For Reet

There will be temporary bus stands in big cities like jodhpur, udaipur, Bikaner and JAisalmer. These will facilitate candidates to not face any inconvenience in their movement of reaching towards exam centers from their native place.
Additional police personnel have been deployed to maintain traffic and law and order in major areas.

There was also a notification sought on the Reet BSER 2021 website to correct which can be read here and also check Display Full Centre Address REET-2021

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