Voter Helpline App and Students Data of Govt and Private Schools

Regarding Voter Helpline App the shala Darpan Website has a unique post on its home page. The Application for Voter Helpline has become trending. We also has some useful information regarding this. Please be here till end of this article.

Motive of Voter Helpline App at Shala Darpan

During the Special Summary Revision Program of Electoral Polls-2022, students should be registered 100% in collaboration with ELC and technically skilled teachers of State Govt Of Rajasthan. Shala Darpan users and staff must be aware of this task.

Short Revision Program will be held by govt officers and in this duration State Govt and Private Schools can organize Events to download the Voter Helpline App from android play store.

No of Students in Govt and Private Schools in Voter Helpline App

As per the instructions of the Election Commission of India, 100% of the new voters who have completed the age of 18 years on 01.01.2022 during the Special Summary Revision Program of Electoral Rolls – 2022 are voter portals/portals. Online registration is to be done through voter helpline app.

Generally Category of Voters 1.1.2022 data is gathered from voters department. Whereas from schools and educational institutional point of view District-wise 18 year old 260444 student are recorded in Govt Schools and 161116 students are studying in Private schools and collages.

District Nodal Officer (ELC) has been constituted by the Department at each district to complete this target at each school level. Lead ELCs have also been constituted at each block level. All these officers are required to be supported under the VHA Sankalp Abhiyan for online registration.

Voter helpline App Download Link

Govt and Private Schools are requested to register all data and upload details of students girls/boys studying in non-Government schools in collaboration with ELC and technically skilled teachers. The Download Link of Voter helpline App on Android Play Store is given here.

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